About Us

"Creative experience in music"

The pioneer music teaching centre in Sri Hartamas, owners Melanie Chan and Mimi Cher opened their first school in 1999 and within a year had 50 students and 5 teachers. Today, the school, located in Desa Sri Hartamas makes music with 500 students and 20-odd teachers. Focussing on piano, drums and guitar, the school has grown in both stature and experience. With ample parking close by, cafes and shops for parents to hang out in while they wait as well as the years of experience teaching music, the Creative Music Centre will give both the children their parents exactly what they need in terms of a musical education. Because the school puts education and passion as its central themes, it is affiliated with only the best in the industry.

How to Enrol

The enrolment experience is simple. Potential students and their parents are encouraged to visit the centre and meet with Mimi and Melanie. For non-beginners, Mimi will conduct an assessment to place the student to the closest grade they have completed, making it comfortable continuation for the child and a positive start for the teacher. Beginners are of course welcome whether or not you feel you have talent or an inclination for music, or just a curiosity to better appreciate the ample body of music out there or a tune on the radio.

Why Creative Music Centre?

Parents will find the Mimi and Melanie trustworthy and reliable and they will have no worries leaving their children at the school to attend their classes. Sitting for theory and practical exams is not forced onto the students, who have a choice on whether they want to be graded. Therefore students can be assured that they will learn more than just exam pieces, which may be the norm at other music learning establishments. The scheduling of classes is centralised and efficient.

Our Philosophy

We believe that music has to be part of basic education. It has the ability to exercise the whole brain, strengthening synapses and increasing the vigour of neuron connections. Learning an instrument is beneficial in so many ways, and it does not matter what age you start. Adults are welcome too! The learning of music is meant to be fulfilling and enjoyable. The centre does not force students to sit for examinations, but rather builds their confidence in theory and their enjoyment of their instrument of choice. Creative Music Centre encourages students to follow their heart, to build discipline and dedication to their craft.